Agent Orange - This Is All I Need tab

I'll just put the main riffs to this song that I know and give the basics of the solo.
I've tabbed it in standard tuning but Agent Orange may have played it 1/2 a step down,
so chose which you want, but you'll just have to work it out a bit more if u do that.


Chorus (just the chords)
solo is based on this scale, so after you've played the intro riff twice or whatever it is for the solo, just use random notes from this pentatonic scale to get to basics of it.
there may be a few other stray notes from that scale, but not many. and u can play this song tuned down half a step to Eb etc. and play the chorus a bit different, and there may be another part to the song that I haven't got that's easy to play in that tuning. any comments or queries you have to hope you like
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