Agent Sparks - Polly Anne tab

Nobody still don't tab this awesome song so I gonna try it. Like I'm not enough 
I just make the statements and you have to improve !


Intro-----------------|-----------------|-----------------|-----------------| The bass part for guitar-----------------|-7-7-7-7-7-7-7-7-|
----------------------------|----------------------------|-----4-----5--------4-------|-7-7---7--------7-7---7---5-| Piano part for guitar---------7--------------7---|----------------------------|
Verses : real guitar starts at "and when she laughed..."---------|---------|---------|-777-777-|-777-777-|-777-777-|
"an accident an accident..."-----------|-----------|-----------|-777-777-9-|-777-777-9-|-777-777-9-|
"Polly Anne O Polly Anne...."----------------|----------------|-99-77-99-------|-99-77-99--11-7-|-77-55-77--11-7-|-----------11-7-|
"This is the end"
Strumming is up to you sorry ! Enjoy Agent Sparks and rock'n roll !
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