Agua De Annique – Ice Water chords

Left handed
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I shield you from this life
[E flat]Your heart is kept on ice
[E] [E flat]I'll file you where I need
[E flat]And keep you from the heat
[E] [E flat] Running, running away [F#] [E flat] You hold me in contempt
[E flat]Forever will I depend?
[E] [E flat]You'll file me where you need
[E flat]But never kept me from the heat
[E] [E flat] Falling, falling away (I'll serve you, I'll serve you well)
[F#] [E flat]On the surface, on the surface
It's always cold in hell
[E flat]I have felt it
[E]I can tell
[E flat] They file you where they need [E flat] In ice water there is no heat [E] [E flat] Burning, burning away
[F#] [E flat](I'll serve you, I'll serve you well)
On the surface, on the surface BRIDGE: E, G#, E, G#, F# E, G#, E, G# (straight into chorus) Burning, burning away
[F#] [E flat]Burning, burning away
[F#] [E flat] Outro is just E flat. You download a full chord guide at: or
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