Aidan Hawken - If Somethings Wrong chords version 1

Capo at 7 fret 

G GAre those tears
C C EmThat are falling
D CTell me if there's something wrong
G GWell I know that
C CWe've been through it
Em DBut just look at far that we've come
G GCan I tell you
C C EmWhat I see in you
D CYou're rising like the shining sun
G GIt's okay now
C CWe'll get through this
Em DJust tell me what it is that you've done
D CI'll love you for what ever you've done
Em DI'll love you for what ever you've done
G GI feel like
C C EmI'm changing
D CI'm telling you there's something wrong
G GI'm so scared that
C CYou won't love me
Em DIf I tell you all the things that I've done
G GMy heart feels
C C EmLike it's falling
D COr sinking like the setting sun
G GI can't stand that
C CI might lose yo
Em DWill you love me for whatever I become
D CLove me for whatever I become
Em DLove me for whatever I've done
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