Aimee Mann – Christmas Time tab

Christmastime/Michael Penn & Aimee Mann

one of the toughest chord patterns I've ever tried
I hope this is all correct, I welcome any thoughts, there is a lot of orchestration 
that obscures the root note but there is acoustic guitar throughout. I think
this accompaniment works well, with the recording or solo.

capo up 2 frets

F#+A       Edim      F#7       F#6       Gmaj7    Gm7
2X4325   XX2323  242452   2X2332   3X4321  353333

Intro: G D  G D

     G                        Em
Its Christmas again, December is here 
G                    Em
Hasn't it been a wonderful year?
C                    G  D    C                   G   D
For the plans you're making, all the time you're taking
C                            D
Greet the next one with good cheer
          Em    D      Em       Bm
Won't you dear, as you ring the chime
C                G           D
Just because its Christmastime
Bm                      Em           F#+A  Edim
And on the tree all the ornaments glow
Bm                          Gm7              F#7  F#6
Tinsel will cover where the branches don't grow
           Em             C
There's lights on all the houses
Em                 C
Spouses with their spouses
G                       F#7
Children playing in the snow
Bm                   Em           F#+A  Edim
One in the swing and one upon the horse
Bm                        Gm7              F#7  F#6
Keeping on tracks another matter of course
Em                 C    Em              C
Thats the great divisor you are now the wiser
G                     F#7
Maybe just a bit less so
          Bm     A        Gmaj7 F#7 
Touch and go til you stop on a dime
Em             Gmaj7 F#7
All alone at Christmastime

Gmaj7 Em F#7 Bm    Gm F#7

Bm                     Em        F#+A  Edim
Its Christmas again, December is here 
Bm                    Gm7          F#7  F#6
What did you wish for what did you fear
G              D  A    G             D A
Look at your behaviour looking for a saviour
G              Em    A
Underneath the mistletoe
 A   F#    Bm   A      Gmaj7 F#7 
You should know it is less a crime
Em                 Gmaj7    F#7
To be all alone at Christmastime
Gmaj7    F#7
Gmaj7    F#7

Gmaj7    F#7 [repeat]
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