Aimee Mann – Satellite tab

Satellite/Aimee Mann

tune down one whole step

3/4 time signature

Csus4      Fmaj7
X33010   X03210

Am  Em  Am  Em

Am                     Em   Am Em 
Let's assume you were right 
      G              Bm                    F     C
And play the game of charm and strange and satellite
Am                         Em  Am Em
And when we've all had our fun
  G                   Bm           F   C
Deflate the stars and put away the sun
(bass notes g  a  b)F   Fmaj7  F Fmaj7
And so we can call it a day

chorus:          G             Am           F
Cause I'll never prove that my motives were pure
So let's remove any question of cure
Cause even though you've made it pretty obscure
           C           Csus4
Baby, it's clear, from here
You're losing your atmosphere
From here, you're losing it

Am F C

Am                     Em   Am Em 
So let's assume it was true
      G               Bm           F        C
Cause baby can't lift up a hand to swear to you
Am                    Em   Am Em 
And what's the use of defense?
      G            Bm               F  C
The hangers-on are too far gone for evidence
 (bass notes g  a  b)  F       Fmaj7   F Fmaj7
And that one was lost from the first


Am F C

F       Em      Am
So have it your way
Whatever makes the best resume
                 G     D
Whatever you can throw in
F               C          
Wash, rinse and spin til it's
G           D
Spun away--okay
               F        Fmaj7   F Fmaj7
But I won't be sticking around


C Csus4 4x
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