Aimee Mann – Pavlovs Bell tab

Pavlov's Bell/Aimee Mann


F   Am   C               D       F                  Am       F
Oh Mario sit here by the window  stay here 'till we reach Idaho
And when we go, hold my hand on take off tell me what I already know

chorus:       Bb    F    C
That we can't talk about it
No we can't talk about it
          Am         C            F        D
Because nobody knows that's how I nearly fell
Trading clothes and ringing Pavlov's Bell
History shows there's not a chance in hell
F   Am     C             D        F               Am        F
But Mario we're only to Ohio it's kind of getting harder to breathe
I won't let it show  I'm all about denial but can denial let me believe 


[solo] FAm C D F Am F 2x

F   Am     C             D           F             Am         F
Oh Mario, why if this is nothing I'm finding it so hard to dismiss
If you're what I need then only you can save me so come on baby, give me the fix


Am C F            D
     That's how I nearly fell
     By ringing Pavlov's Bell
     So baby show and tell Oh Mario , Mario 

FAm C D F Am F 2x
F Am F Am F Am F
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