Aimee Mann – Way Back When tab

Way Back When/Aimee Mann

D A D A B7 D

A                          Em            
Well, I guess that this is now the end 
 D                         F#m
Who'd have thought my old friend
C#m                          D
We signed the papers and we capped the pen

A                           Em  
But I remember you from way back when
 D                        F#m
'Good evening, ladies and gentlemen
C#m                       D
welcome David-what's-his-name-again'

F#m               E
Things change the old cliche
   C#m                       F#m
If we knew now what we knew yesterday
D A             D         A  B7 D
Oh, we couldn't give it away

A                  Em  
I was working at a record store
D               F#m
I knew you, you knew the score
C#m                              D
Some kind of deal is what we're looking for

A              Em 
Time came, and disappeared
D                  F#m
No one steered and it got weirder
C#m                     D
Help was needed, no one volunteered.

F#m                       E
Things change, you got to wait a bit
        C#m                     F#m
What made me think that I could weather it?
D             A             D       A          B7 D
You're down before you even notice you've been hit

And through it all I wondered where the 
 D             A       E
Bus was taking you who knew?
      G                            D
And even though my one and one was always
       A      E                       Bm
Making two I never thought that I was breaking you 

D   E
Uh oh

A Em D  F#m C#m D  
D E F#m G#m A

A                            Em 
We were victims of the old taboo
      D           F#m
But people change we changed too
C#m                            D
Just make it count before they get to you.

F#m                 E
Things change baby, hold the phone!
          C#m                       F#m
They'll shoot you down like you was Al Capone
D  A           D       A  B7 D
Oh, you better go it alone

A                          Em            
Well, I guess that this is now the end 
 D                 F#m
The paper's signed forget the pen
C#m                  D
Wonder if we'll ever meet again?
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