Aimee Mann - Truth On My Side tab

Truth On My Side/Aimee Mann

Csus2          Asus2
X32033       X02200

capo up 2 frets

D Am7 Em7 4x

D                         Am7         Em7               D   Am7 Em7
Well I guess you got your friend some friend to take me down
Was it getting on your nerves just knowing I'm around
G          Em7                D                            Bm7
It wasn't enough, it's never enough for you to merely be unkind
G               Em7                   D                         Csus2 G
But turning the screw, here if I were you might be a hobby not to find

              Em7     D           G
'Cause I have got the truth on my side
And that's the one thing you can't abide
You couldn't make that scene if you tried
Em7                          G                               Asus4 A Asus2 A
Bearing down is easy, just a word and watch your little house divide

D Am7 Em7 2x

D                 Am7    Em7            D  Am7 Em7
I've got a little secret others will concur
Some people are too stupid as you thought they were
G            Em7                      D                               Bm7
Including of course, the one you were rest assured would never make a stand
G               Em7                  D                              Csus2 G
But battles get lost, when one extra push is all you need to tip your hand

F          C         Am7            D7
You better pray, the lies you have going
    F         C          F             C
Can keep from owing much more than you do
           F              Am         F         C
'Cause the debt just gets bigger and one day I figure
    F             C        Bb
Someone will be calling it due

D Am7 Em7 4x

G            Em7                 D                             Bm7
And I will admit, I'd like to commit to tearing down {the wall} I see
G               Em7                   D                            Csus2  G
But why raise a hand, when I know the end is coming soon enough with-out me


Asus2 [repeat]
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