Air Supply – All Out Of Love tab

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I'm [F] lying alone
With my [C] head on the phone
[F] Thinking of you till it [C] hurts

I [F] know you hurt too
But what [G] else can we do
[F] Tormented and torn [F, G] apart

I [F] wish I could carry
Your [C] smile in my heart
For [F] times when my life seem so [C] low

It would [F] make me believe
What [G] tomorrow could bring
When [F] today doesn't really know
Doesn't [G] really know


I'm [C] all out of love
I'm [G] so lost without you
I [F] know you were right
[F] Believing for [G] so long

I'm [C] all out of love
What [G] am I without you
I [F] can't be too late
[F] To say that I [G] was so wrong [C]

I [F] want you to come back
And [C] carry me home
[F] Away from these long lonely [C] nights

I'm [F] reaching for you
Are you [G] feeling it too
Does the [F] feeling seem oh so right [F, G]

And [F] what would you say
If I [C] call on you now
[F] Saying I can't hold [C] on

There's [F] no easy way
It gets [G] harder each day
Please [F] love me or I'll be gone, I'll be [G] gone


[Am] Ohh...
[G] What are you thinking [F] of
[F, B(?), Am] What are you thinking of
[G] What are you thinking [F] of

(Chorus) x 4
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