Air Supply - All Out Of Love chords

This sounds accurate according to the YouTube performance of this song I just 
watched. The chords may not line up exactly with the words because I was slightly 
lazy on that, but it's very close, and if you know the song, the chord changes are obvious.

Please rate. Thanks, enjoy! -Cloud9

F/CI am Lying alone
CWith my head on the phone
F/C CThinking of you til it hurts
F/CI know you hurt too
G/BBut what else can we do
F/A F G7susTormented and torn apart
F/CI wish I could carry
CYour smile in my heart
F/C CFor times when my life seem so low
F/CIt would make me believe
G/BWhat tomorrow could bring
F/A F F/GWhen today doesn't really know - doesn't really know
CI am all out of love
G/CI am so lost without you
F/AI know you were right
F GBelieving for so long
CI am all out of love
G/CWhat am I without you
F/AI can't be too late
F G C To say that I was so wrong I want you to come back And carry me home Away from these long lonely nights I'm reaching for you Are you feeling it too Does the feeling seem all so right And what would you say If I call out you now Saying I can't hold on There's no easy way It gets harder each day Please love me or I'll be gone, I'll be gone (Chorus)
Em Am F Em DmWhat are you thinking of What are you thinking of x 2
(Chorus) x 4
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