Air Traffic - I Cant Understand chords

OK, This is the whole song, Tabs and Chords by Jason Biddlecombe
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Intro riff (also played on chorus)

Ab Eb C# Ebe-------------------------------11-8-11-8-11--11-9-9-11-11-9-9-|B--11-9-11-9-11---11-8-11-8-11-9----9----9---8-----------------|G-8----8----8----8----8----8-----------------------------------|D--------------------------------------------------------------|A--------------------------------------------------------------|E--------------------------------------------------------------|
Eb Bb Cm BbSo come on down and let it out
Eb Bb Cm BbWalk me through the corridors of fear
Eb Bb Cm BbIt's not a dream without a doubt
Eb Bb Cm Bb Ab C#You try so hard to shut the feelings the out
Then this riff comes over the chords;e-3-3-3-3----------------------------|B---------3-3-3-3b^--3b\/-3----------|G-----------------------------3ho---0|D------------------------------------|A------------------------------------|E------------------------------------|
Eb Bb Cm BbI lie awake and watch the stars
Eb Bb Cm BbA cry so far from where we are
Eb Bb Cm BbAnd in the haze of shattered light
Eb Bb Cm Bb
C#I break from the chains and drift into the night
Ab Eb C# EbCos I can't understand what's going on
Ab Eb C# EbI can't understand what's going on
(VERSE 3 same chords) And now it seems so long ago We talked for hours and missed the last train home But are we weightless being blown Far from the heart and far from all we've known (CHORUS 2 same chords) Cos I can't understand what's going on I can't understand what's going on BRIDGE (SAME CHORDS AS CHORUS) (Slightly Distorted Guitar) You said our love transcends this life Now I know it's true So I cut my hands and I close my eyes So I can feel it too Intro Build up... (CHORUS 3) Cos I can't understand what's going on I can't understand what's going on
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