Aiza Seguerra – Fool Until The End tab

Title: Fool Until The End
Artist: Aiza Seguerra
Album: A Gary Valenciano All-Star Tribute Collection

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Intro: D9-Em7-D9-Em7 

D9             Em7          A          D9  
Before you go away to the one you do belong
 D9                     Em7                     Bm7sus
So glad we met and you stayed though it wasn't very long
                  Esus       E A             
Was it only just a dream, it 's over now it seems
D9                                                 D9 
If there were no goodbyes, would you say that you still care

D9               Em         A         
I won't believe my eyes when I see you won't be there
                      Esus                         Asus
Coz this love so hard to find now you're leavin' me behind
 Gm7 C
Oohh.. Please


 F          FM7                  BbM7          C 
Show me and tell me, how do you put this love aside
 Dm7       Gm7         C                
And put it away for another time with no
F9                                 BbM7
Gurantee that you'll be mine.. a fool I am it seems
             A7               Dm7
Coz I'll be lovin you in mu dreams
          Gm           Gm7       A7                  Dm7
Until I wake up and I find out that time ain't our friend
               Gm7           C       F Bb C  
You know I'll just stay a fool till the end

D9               Em              Asus         D9
If it onlu was a game, why do have to fool my heart
                  Em7              Asus            Bm7
Oh girl ain't it a shame, that we promised from the start
That our love was here to stay for wach and everyday

D9          Em7                             D9
If I had only known, and if I didn't have to care
                   Em8                         Bm7
Then being all alone, t wouldn't be so  hard to bear
                       Esus                       Asus   
This love so hard to find, that were leavin' here behind
  Gm7  C
Oohh.. Please

(repeat refrain)

            A  Bb     A                     Dm7     
I maybe overacting, I know, I must stay strong
But you pulled the strings too hard, and now
 Eb            Em A
We're going our own

(repeat refrain)

 Bb      Am
Till the end
You know I'll just stay a fool till the end
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