Aiza Seguerra – Friend Of Mine chords

....this next s0ng is for my friend...
....theme s0ng mo to dude


C I've known you for so long
AmYou are a friend of mine
Dm G But is this all we'd ever be
C I've loved you ever since
AmYou are a friend of mine
Dm Gand babe is this all we ever could be
Am GYou tell me things I'll never know
Dm GI'll show you love you've never shown
Am GBut then again when you cry
Dm GI'm always at your side
Am GYou tell me 'bout the love you've had
Dm GI listen very eagerly
Am GBut deep inside you'll never see
Dm This feeling of emptiness
G that makes me feel sad
Dm G CBut then again I'm glad
I've known you all my life You are a friend of mine I know this is how it's gonna be I've loved you then and I love you still You're a friend of mine Now I know friends are all we ever could be REPEAT CHORUS EXCEPT LAST LINE
Dm G Em AmBut then again, then again
Dm G C then again I'm glad
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