Aizat - I Go chords

G D/F# Cadd9 GSo long, fare thee well
Em G Am DThe dancer and the dancing days have taken leave and fell
G D/F# Cadd9 GSo turn down this bed of stone
Em Am C D G - Am Am/BQuench me with the deadly nightshade from the rose that you belong
C G Am - Am/BThe long December rain is falling now
C G EmRunning down on streets to nowhere
C G AmMusic is my life you're my sweetest nightingale
Bm7flat5 E7 Am - Am/B CBut I can't hear it here no more
G - D/F# - Cadd9 - Cadd9And I go
G - D/F# - Cadd9 - Cadd9I go
G D/F# Cadd9 GHush now, don't shake or break
Em G Am DWords have fallen silent like soldiers to the grave
G D/F# Cadd9 GNo matter what they do or say
Em Am C D G Am - Am/BLay me on the sleepy meadow by the tracks upon your face
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