Aj Rafael – She Was Mine chords ver. 5

She was Mine
AJ Rafael ft. Jesse Barrera

loove this song, so decided to put up my first tab/chord sheet!  this song is 
pretty much all finger-picked, so just listen to the song to get the rhythm down.  enjoy! :)


e|----------x-------x-------x-------x-------x-------x-------x-------x-------|B|------10--x---10--x-------x---8---x---6---x---6---x-------x---6---x-------|G|------9---x---9---x---8---x---8---x---7---x---7---x---6---x---6---x-------|D|------10--x---10--x---8---x---7---x---7---x---7---x---6---x---6---x-------|A|------8---x---8---x-------x---8---x-------x-------x-------x-------x-------|E|----------x-------x---8---x-------x---6---x---6---x---6---x---6---x-------| ^ ^ ^ ^
Fmaj7 Cm7 F9 Bbmaj7 Bbm7 ^ - Indicates that you can play the chord twice (Jesse sometimes does this throughout song) but i also sometimes just pluck one string on the second time the chord is played (instead of plucking the entire chord twice) but its entirely up to you on how to do it. just go with the rhythm and it should sound just fineeee :) Bbm7 could also be 6x766x [EADGBe], which is what i play cause i think it sounds better, but again, its up to you :P VERSE 1
Fmaj7 Cm7 F9So I hopped on a train three in the afternoon
Bbmaj7 Bbm7I don't know when I'm coming back, but I hope that it's soon
Fmaj7See, I never thought (I never thought)
Cm7 F9 Bbmaj7 Bbm7That I'd have to leave your side (your side)
Fmaj7 Cm7 F9It's only physically but know that you will be on my mind
Bbmaj7 Bbm7Twenty-four hours at a time
Fmaj7 Cm7 F9 Bbmaj7 Bbm7Cause in my ey-es, you were mine (you were mine)
e|----------------x-------------x-------------x-----------------------|B|----------------x---3-----3---x-------------x---5-----5-------------|G|------3-----3---x---3-----3---x---5-----5---x---5-----5-------------|D|------3-----3---x---2-----2---x---5-----5---x---4-----4-------------|A|----------------x---3-----3---x-------------x---5-----5-------------|E|------3-----3---x-------------x---5-----5---x-----------------------| ^ ^ ^
Gm7 C7 Am7 D7 (chorus is plucked in the same way as the verses) im not sure if the C7 and the D7 is the right way to call that chords so please correct me if im wrong CHORUS
Gm7 C7No matter where you go, I won't be very far
Am7 D7Cause in my head I'll be right there where you are
Gm7 C7Cause love has no distance baby
Am7 D7Love, love has no distance baby
Gm7 C7 (At 'me' play intro again) No, not when it comes to you and me VERSE 2 (same as verse 1) See, she wrote me a letter, said the weather wasn't better But she said that she was doing fine "I want to see you face to face", that's what she wrote to me that day And I knew that it was all a sign So I wrote back with a song, promised it won't be too long Wanna make up for all our lost time Cause in my ey-es, you were mine (you were mine) **for verse 3, you can slow down and do some single-strumming or just some finger- picking to make it chill and stuff but when the chorus starts again, you go back to the upbeat, normal tempo Verse 3 So I'm going through these boxes, my life's gone off track Cause it's been three years, she hasn't written back But in my ey-es, she's still mine And I know it sounds so stupid to be waiting this long But I'm still in love, and I know I'm not wrong Cause in my ey-es, she was mine Order is quite simple: verse 1 chorus verse 2 chorus verse 3 [chill] chorus (2x) go sraight to the beginning of the chorus.
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