Aj Rafael - My Soldier tab


he has the song in his blog on his myspace.


this part comes in most of the verses
be-here for youE||-----------------|B||--2-3--2-----2---|G||--2-2--2--1--1---|D||----------2--2---|A||--2-2--2--2------|E||---------0-------|
heres the full chorus
chorus: you are strong2x as a soldierE||-------------|-----------------------------|B||-------------|-----2-----2-----------4-----|G||-------------|-----1-----1-----4--4--4--4--|D||-------------|-----2--2--2-----4--4--------|A||-------------|--0------0-------------4-----|E||---------0h2-|-----------------4--4--------|
even when... together.. strong2x as a soldierE||------------------------|-----------------------------|B||------2-----------------|-----2-----2-----------4-----|G||-2-2--2-2-1----2-/4-----|-----1-----1-----4--4--4--4--|D||-2-2------2-2-----------|-----2--2--2-----4--4--------|A||------2---2----2-/4-----|--0------0-------------4-----|E||-2-2------0----2-/4--0h2|-----------------4--4--------|
know you'll.. anything... strong.. strongE||----------------------|-----------------|B||------2--------6------|-----------------|G||-2-2--2-2-1----6--6---|---2--2----4---6-|D||-2-2------2----6---6--|---2-2-----4---6-|A||------2---2----4----4-|-----------------|E||-2-2------0-----------|-2-----2/4-----5-|
*in the bridge, just play the chorus chords without the fillers, and sustain between each chord. then the lyrics! lyrics: when you're feeling sad and blue don't you know that i will always be here for you and when everything just makes us go out of our minds just know that i will always have the time for you you say that i am your influence dont you know that you inspire me now until the end i'll help you get through the thick and thin and i know you'll remember when i say you are strong2x as a soldier even when winds are tough you'll always keep it together you are strong2x as a soldier i know you'll get through anything cuz you're strong3x as a soldier when the waves are crashing down cant get up just know i'll pick you up from the ground and when it feels like everything goes wrong just remember to listen to this song you are strong2x as a soldier even when winds are tough you'll always keep it together you are strong2x as a soldier i know you'll get through anything cuz you're strong3x as a soldier don't you worry bout the obstacles to your happiness if you let them get to you you'll end up just like the rest i know you're better than those people who get in the way just remember what i always say *chorus* THE END.ya'll
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