Akron Family - Phenomena chords

F#m E APhenomena-a-a-a-a-AH-a-a-a
e----------------------]B--7--5--3--0--3-2-----]G------------------2---] (x2)D--------------------4-]A----------------------]E----------------------](Things are not what they seem to.....)
Riff 1:D--4b--2b---]A---------4-]
(variations of this riff is played between the F#m when going back to the A during the you should be able to figure it out if you listen to the song)
A F#m Riff 1Some think rice is white
A F#mOthers think it is Brown
Riff 2:D--2b--4-]
BUILD UP:D--1-2-4-6-8-9-11-13-(some might think this isn't the right...)
And things are pretty repetitive after that, so that's it. You can figure out all the solos and stuff(that'd be sweet) if you feel like it, it seemed too daunting to me. fun!
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