Akron Family – Love Is Simple tab


INTROe-----------------------------------]B-----------------------------------]G-----------------------------------] (x2)D--2--2--2--2--2-------5--5-------3-]A---3--3--3--0--0----5--5--5----3---]E------------------3----------1-----]
VERSE 1: C Am G F Don't be afraid, it's only Love (x4) CHORUS: C Am G F Love is Simple Riff 1:
e 0--3--5--0-------------3----1----]B -----------1-----3--5-----1---1--]G--------------2-------------------]D----------------------------------]A----------0-----------------------]E 3----------------3--------1------]
VERSE 2: Same as the first. CHORUS OUTRO: A# F C Da da dada da da da da (repeat for however many times) NOTE: This may not be exactly how they play it but it at least sounds pretty close, I'm sure if I've seen them play with a capo, but hey it works. Enjoy this GREAT SONG!!!!
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