Akron Family - Theres So Many Colors chords

			    There's So Many Colors - Akron Family
Tabbed by:JWalker


There's so many colors without the dirty windows (x alot of times)

(Alright there's a crazy solo here and it fades into a simple A to G progression...)

A G shades of purple mainly
But clarity is sharpness too All the mountains just push right through Herds of elk to return to the plains Plainly sky shades blue Endlessly mountains they plane towards the sky Endlessly plains parallel sky And illusory appear to meet Illusory all points arise But not point exists No point exists...
E ENo Point...
(riffin around a bit)
G E G A ESun rise Sun set- Sun ever set and rise to reach
(repeat) I got tired before I could figure out the last part, but I believe it changes over to D. I'm not gonna tab out all the crazy solos and stuff, but this is the gist of it.
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