Al Green – God Bless Our Love chords

God Bless Our Love
 (Al Green - Wille Mitchell)
 Tabbed B. Brown
 (This a great wedding song. Easy to play, very nice fills for
advaned players.)

God blessed our love
Even in the mornin' when I rise
I say, God blessed our love
C AmAnd every mornin' when I rise
F G CI can just see heaven [?] your eyes
C AmIt makes me know this is not an everyday love, no, no
F G CWe've got something, I'm sure we can be proud of
COh, we've got so much, show much love
AmWe've got so much, so much trust
F GCan't you see a halo, a halo?
CI can see a halo hovering over us
And oh, I didn't meant it, baby But God, blessed our love I have to say it, [?] that God, oh God, blessed our love If you've got something to be thankful for You oughtta just say, hey God, blessed our love I'll have to say this evenin' God, oh God, blessed our love I swear he did Let me say, I could just stand up And tell the world, oh babe That you're mine, all mine, all mine Your love is heavenly, desirable And I just have to say, I like kissin' you I like, I like, huggin' you I like squeezin' you, wanting you Holding you, loving you I'm glad, I'm still lovin' you, come on, baby Let me say that when people, yeah People yeah start to criticize, it don't bother me No, no, 'cause I know God, God God is on our side You see and let me just say that God, God blessed our love I have to say that, God, blessed our love
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