Al Jolson – Rock-a-bye Your Baby With A Dixie Melody chords

Rock-A-Bye Your Baby With a Dixie Melody
Words & Music by Sam M. Lewis, Joe Young & Jean Schwartz, 1918
Recorded by Al Jolson, 1918

A Edim E7 Cdim A Cdim A D9 E7 Fdim E7 E7/9Rock - a - bye your ba - by with a Dix - ie mel - o - dy;
D9 E7 Bm7-5 E7 D F#m A9 EWhen you croon, croon a tune from the heart of Dix - ie.
Bm F#m Bm7-5 E7/9Just hang my cra - dle, Mam - my mine,
A C#m7 C#m7-5 F#7Right on that Ma - son Dix - on line
Bm Bm7 F3m B7And swing it from Vir - gin - ia
E7 Bm7-5 Cdim E7/9 E7To Ten - nes - see with all the love that's in ya.
A E7 D9 Cdim A9 A Cdim D9 E7 D9 Cdim E7/9"Weep No More, My La - dy" -- sing that song for me,
D9 E7 Bm7-5 E7 D7 C#7 Cdim C#7"Old Black Joe" just as though you had me on your knee;
F#7 Gdim F#7 GdimA mil - lion ba - by kis - ses I'll de - liv -er
B7 Bm7-5 Cdim B7 E7The min - ute that you sing the "Swan - nee Riv - er."
A Edim E7 Cdim A C#7 F#mRock - a - bye your rock - a - bye baby
Cdim D9 E7 Fdim E7/9 E7With a Dix - ie mel - o - dy.
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