Al Stewart – Next Time tab

Next Time - Al Stewart Tuning DADGadguitar 1 guitar 2d-------0--0----0---------------0--3-------------------|a-----0-----------------------0----3--5----------------|g---2------4_5--4-----------2---------4-------------2--|d---------------0----------------------------0---------|a------------------------------------------------------|d-0--------0-------------0------------0---0------0-----|
Dm7 He heard the clatter of her heels in the street The clock said half-past three He lay there waiting in the dark to hear The scraping of the front-door key G/D (0x5455) He wouldn't say to her F (xx3233) G/D "Don't want to know where you were" Dm7 Gm6 (xxx012) C9 (x3x010) She wouldn't find him there Dm7 Next time She missed the train, she felt the rain upon her face It seemed to clear her head She watched him drive into the night A broken tail-light, a speck of red She still felt his touch It didn't seem to mean that much She wouldn't go back there Next time When you were just a kid you loved To go to movies in the afternoon And so you left the factory And got a job in the projection-room Bette Davis plays Ran away with the passing days You'll be a movie-star Next time
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