Al Stewart – Broadway Hotel chords ver. 2

Left handed
                                          Artist - Al Stewart
                                         Song - Broadway Hotel
                                        Album - Year Of The Cat
                                          Tabbed By - Ayreon77

F#m D F#m DYou told the man in the Broadway Hotel
E D C#m DNothing was stranger than being yourself
F#m D F#m D BmAnd he replied, with a tear in his eye
E DLove was a rollaway
E D Just a cajole away
E DMist on a summer's day
C#m DNothing was clear
E DLove was a smile away
E DJust a defile away
E DI sought it every way
C#m DNo-one came near.
-------------------------------------------------------- VERSE 2 ********
F#m D F#m DYou asked the man for a room with a view
E D C#m DNothing was said as he stared at his shoe
F#m D F#m D BmThen he replied as he gave you the key
E DLove was a rollaway
E DJust an unfold away
E DThat's all there is to say
C#m DNo-one came near.
-------------------------------------------------------- CHORUS *******
A GAlone in your room you hide
F#mas the night rolls by
EIn the street outside
A GAnd you feel over the words he said
F#m E C#mTill they turn to rain all around your head.
-------------------------------------------------------- VIOLIN SOLO 1 - F#m D F#m D ************ E F#m C#m D F#m D F#m D Bm E D E D E D
C#m D--------------------------------------------------------
CHORUS *******
A GYou're seeking a hideaway
F#mWhere the light of day
EDoesn't touch your face
A GAnd a door-sign keeps the world away
F#mBehind the shades
E C#mOf your silent day.
-------------------------------------------------------- VERSE 3 ********
F#m D F#m DYou made your home in the Broadway Hotel
E D C#m DRoom service came at the push of a bell
F#m D F#m D ?And the man said as he put down the tray
E DLove was a stealaway
E D Just a reveal away
E DI tried to find a way
C#m DNothing was clear
E D Then as he turned away
E DYou asked the man to stay
E DHe was there all the day
C#m DNo-one came near.
PIano - F#m--------------------------------------------------------
VIOLIN SOLO 2 - F#m A D C#m - Reapeat and fade out**************
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