Alabama - Once Upon A Lifetime chords

Intro:  Bm  -     G     -    D

D GOnce upon a lifetime
BmI looked in someone's eyes
G D And felt the fire burning in my heart
A For the very first time
D G She was scared and young
Bm And had never tasted love
D G So I took her by the hand
D G And a boy became a man
A D Once upon a lifetime.
D G And once upon a lifetime
Bm You hold the queen of hearts
G D But if you gamble on a diamond when
A The dealing starts
D G You stand to lose it all
Bm As the cards begin to fall
D G And the lesson learned is hard
D G You're only dealt the queen of hearts
A D Once upon a lifetime,
Bm So if you take a chance
G DJust know the chance you take
Bm G DA broken heart's a high price to pay
Bm F#m GFoolish ways will make fools of the wise
Bm G AAnd the best things seldom come along twice.
D GAnd once upon a lifetime
BmYou know that you've been blessed
G D When you hold your first born tenderly
AAgainst your chest
D GAnd through the innocence you see
BmThere you are the family
D GAnd you feel a special bond
D G That only comes along
A DOnce upon a lifetime.
Repeat Chorus.
G D And people only find
G D A love like yours and mine
A DOnce upon a lifetime
Outro- G - D
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