Alabama - Hats Off chords

Verse 1:
A D E The stage is set tonight down in Nashville
D A F#m It's been a long, hard ride into town
A D EAnd thanks to some cowboys and heros
D E A My chance to sing has finally come around
Verse 2: ------------
A D EThe first song I ever sang was haggard
D A F#mMomma sang to me I saw the Light
A D EI'd turn my radio up louder
D E ATo hear Johnny Cash walk the line
Verse 3: ------------
A D EWaylon sang a song about Texas
D A F#mWillie's "Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain"
A D EBocephus sings a song about dixie.
D E ALefty taught us all how to sing.
Chorus 1: --------------
A E DHats off to hard riding cowboys
E ARiding some where tonight
A E DHats off to hard riding cowboys
D E AWanted, dead or alive
Verse 4: ------------
A D ECharlie ran the devil out of Georgia
D A F#m Skynyrd sang sweet home Alabam
A D EThe Ahlman brothers taught us how to ramble
D E A And to Tucker boys showed us how to jam.
Repeat Chorus 1 Verse 5: ------------
A D EThe stage is set tonight up in Heaven
D A F#m Rebas band is there with Patsy Cline
A D EAnd all around are cowboys and cowgirls
D E A And thanks to them the music's still alive
Chorus 2: --------------
A E DHats off to hard riding cowboys
E AFlying somewhere tonight
A E DHats off to hard fighting cowboys
D E A Wanted, dead or alive
Repeat chorus 2 and fade.
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