Alan Jackson – The Fireflys Song tab

I haven't found any tabs for this song, so I figured what I could, and here it is.

Listen to the recording to get the beat. My tab only shows note order and not tempo.

The first intro bit:

Then a D chord with a hammer-on on the G string, and a hard plucked high E. He plays the intro twice, and the goes to the verse with this: p=pull-off
Then an A chord, and then an E chord, with the G string hammered on, and the E string hard again. Its hard to hear the picking pattern for the rest of the song. Just listen to it and up something that sounds close. It was also pretty hard to hear the chords for the chorus. Let me know if you think they wrong. F#m:244222 G#m:466444 Bm:x24432 Dmaj:x4333x Verse: A I used to run in a young man's boots E With a young man's heart And a young man's roots F#m Bm(with a hammer-on on b string) But now I stand where a young man stood before A I don't run like I used to E A This old man don't run no more Chorus: F#m E Hey hidee ho G#m F#m E I used to go where the devil wouldn't go D Where the river run still A And the water don't flow Dmaj F#m Heaven couldn't stop me then E Hey Hidee hi G#m Good lord willin F#m E And the creek don't rise D And life goes by A Like the fireflies E A Where the devil sits with a grin Well those are all the peices. Listen to the song to see how they all fit together. Let me know if you enjoyed this tab (its my first one) or if you think I made an error left out something. Enjoy! Troy
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