Alan Jackson – All American Country Boy chords

                 ALL AMERICAN COUNTRY BOY - Alan Jackson
Tabbed by: Barry Miles

Intro: A

AI work a forty hour week and I earn my keep
And I try to walk proud and tall I keep my nose to the ground, I don't get behind And I don't back up at all
DWell my neck's a little red, my collar's blue
I sip a little coffee, and I drink a little booze Chorus
A C D'Cause I'm an all American country boy
A C DI'm my daddy's spittin' image and my mama's pride and joy
A C D There ain't nothing down home that I really don't enjoy
A C D A'Cause I'm an all American country boy
Verse: I drive a pickup truck and I don't pass the buck And I always speak my mind I'm hooked on T.V., Rolaids, and B.C.'s And I know how to have a good time I'm a little bit rowdy and a little bit tame Ain't no way I'm ever gonna change Chorus Solo (Chorus chords) Bridge:
DWell I must admit that I've mellowed a bit
AFather Time can slow you down
DI'm still doin' all I used to do
B7 EIt just takes a little longer now
Chorus Outro:
AI'm just a country boy
A good ol' country boy
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