Alan Jackson - Sissys Song chords version 1


Intro*:e|---5-5-5-5-3---3---5-5-5-5-3-----|-------------------------0-------|B|-------------6---------------6-5-|-3-----------3---------1---1-----|G|---------------------------------|-----------5---------0-----------| x2D|-3-------------------------------|-------------------2---------0-2-|A|-----------------3---------------|-----------------3---------------|E|---------------------------------|---------------------------------|
*relevent to capo 0=3 Verse 1:
D A GWhy did she have to go, So young I just don't know why, Things happen half
Athe time, Without reason without rhyme.
D A GLovely, sweet young woman, daughter wife and mother, makes no sense to me,
AI just have to believe.
D A GShe flew up to heaven on the, Wings of angels by the, Clouds and stars and
A D Apassed where, No one sees and she, Walks with Jesus and her, Loved ones
G A Dwaiting and I, Know she's smiling saying "Don't worry 'bout me"
D A G Loved ones she left behind, Just trying to survive and, Understand the why,
AFeeling so lost inside.
D A GAnger shot straight at God, Then asking for His love, Empty with disbelief,
AJust hoping that maybe.
D A GIt's hard to say goodbye, Her picture in my mind, They'll always be of
Atimes I'll cherish and I won't cry cause
A D A D G DDon't worry 'bout me, Don't worry 'bout me
The End! (My first tab comment if there are any problems)
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