Alan Jackson – Tropical Depression chords


Tacet G1.I thought some time in the sun
C Would help me get over you
D But I could tell from day one
G This is a place meant for two
2.Now here I sit on the beach Watching the tide ebb and flow I booked my room for a week But now I'm ready to go
CC.I'm in a tropical depression
G I've got the blue water blues
C Can't shake this loving you obsession
D Can't stand this sand in my shoes
C This forgetting you vacation
G Is just a fool's holiday
C If I can't get over you
D This tropical depression's gonna
G Blow me away
3.This should be paradise Heaven down by the sea Without you here by my side It feels like hell to me C.
C If I can't get over you
D Tacet This tropical depression's gonna
CDG Blow me away
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