Alan Jackson – Walk On The Rocks chords

By: Alan Jackson

(Capo at 3rd fret)
Intro: D - D - G - D - D 

D GAfter seventeen years, behind bars
DAnd looking back on his mistakes
D GHe sat down and poured out, his heart
Em A When his son came and seen him today
Bm A GHe spoke with a voice, that trembled
Bm A GTrying to hold back the tears
G F#m EmHe said I ain't been much of a father
G ASon I wish I could turn back, the years
G DCause life's like a river, And the water is deep
A DCross it with care, Or you'll end up like me
G A D G (Hold for 4 beats)Let my mistakes, Be your steppin' stones
Em A DAnd walk on the rocks, That I stumbled on
D - D - G - D - D - G
D GHe said son stay away from, the bottle
G DWatch out for the company you keep
D GAnd hold on to those you love
Em ACause love is a man's greatest need
Bm A GThe right way may not be easy
Bm A GThe right road ain't always straight
G F#m EmSon, please don't follow the footsteps
G AThat leads to where I am today
Repeat Chorus: G - A - D - G (Hold for 4 beats)
Em A DTag: And walk on the rocks, That I stumbled on
Outro: D - D - G - D - D - G - D
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