Alan Jackson - The Angels Cried tab

Capo 3

Chords Used: D: xx0232
             C: x32010
             G: 320003 or 320033
             A: x02220

Intro:(D,C,G,A,D,C,G,A, played as an arpeggio)e--------2--------------0-------------------0-|B------3---3----------1-----------0-------2---|G----2--------------0-----------0-------2-----|D--0--------------2-----------0-------2-------|A---------------3-----------2-------0---------|E-------------------------3-------------------|
Verse 1: D A They came from near, they came from far, Bm A G Following a distant star to where He lay. D A Not being sure of what it meant, but Bm A Knowing it was Heaven sent, G They made thier way. Chorus: Em And the creatures gathered 'round G And didn't make a sound, D C G And the Angels cried. Verse 2: D A The Angels knew what was to come, Bm A G The reason God had sent His Son from up above. D A It filled their hearts with joy to see, and Bm A Knowing of His destiny, G Came tears of love. Chorus: Intro: Verse 3: D A I've often thought about that night, Bm A G And wondered if they realized that star so bright. D A Was sent to tell all the land, Bm A The Son of God would soon become G The Son of man. Chorus: D C G And the Angels cried
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