Alan Parsons Project – Old & Wise tab

  And [Am]oh[Em/G]     [F]    when I'm old and [Am]wise
[Dm]  Bitter words mean [Am/C]little to me
[B7sus]  Autumn [B7]winds will [Esus]blow right [E7]through me
  And [Am]some[Em/G]day [F] in the mist of [Am]time
[Dm]  When they asked me [Am/C]if I knew you
  I'd [B7sus]smile and [B7]say you we[Esus]re a [E7]friend of [F]mine
  And the [G/F]sadness would be [Em7]lifted from my [Am]eyes[Am/G]
[F]  Oh [G/F]when I'm old and [A]wise
  As far as my eyes can see
  There are shadows surrounding me
  And to those I leave behind
  I want you all to know
  You've always shared my darkest hours
  I'll miss you when I go

  And oh, when I'm old and wise
  Heavy words that tossed and blew me
  Like autumn winds will blow right through me
  And someday in the mist of time
  When they ask you if you knew me
  Remember that you were a friend of mine
  As the final curtain falls before my eyes
  Oh when I'm old and wise

  As [F#m]far as my [C#m/E]eyes can [Dmaj7]see[C#m7][Dmaj7][C#m7][Bm7][C#m7][F#m5]
{ci: repeat and fade}
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