Alan Pownall - Colourful Day tab version 1

			     Colourful Day - Alan Pownall

Official version = capo 6th        Live = capo 5th

Ok, this is both the tab and chords for the b-e-a-utiful Alan Pownall song ‘Colourful
I’ve tabbed it out from the live Maida Vale version:
but, the tabs are almost identical for the official studio recording. The only 
I’ve found are that, when performed live, Pownall has the capo on 5th as opposed to 6th and that 
the chorus, where I’ve
that the B string goes from 0-1 in the G chord, the official recording goes 3-1. Other 
that I think they’re the same so, perform which ever one you feel is better :) Feel free 
rate and comment etc!


C G Am Fe|------------------------------------------------------------------|B|----1-----1---------1-----1---------1-----0h1-------1-----1-------|G|----0-----0---------0-----0---------2-----2---------2-----0-------|D|---2----2-----2---0-----0-----0---2-----2-----2---3-----3---------|A|-3----3-----3---2-----2-----2---0-----0-----0---3-----3-----------|E|------------------------------------------------------------------|
Am F C Ge|------------------------------------------------------------------|B|-----1-----0h1-------1-----1---------1-----1---------0-----1------|G|-----2-----2---------2-----0---------0-----0---------0-----0------|D|---2-----2-----2---3-----3-----3---2-----2-----2---0-----0-----0--|A|-0-----0-----0---3-----3-----3---3-----3-----3---2-----2-----2----|E|------------------------------------------------------------------|
C G Am Fe|------------------------------------------------------------------|B|----1-----1---------0-----1---------1-----0h1-------1-----1-------|G|----0-----0---------0-----0---------2-----2---------2-----0-------|D|---2----2-----2---0-----0-----0---2-----2-----2---3-----3---------|A|-3----3-----3---2-----2-----2---0-----0-----0---3-----3-----------|E|------------------------------------------------------------------|
Bridge: (these chords can either just be strummed once or you can just pick random strings the chord, the choice is yours!)
Back to Chorus! ____________________________________________________________________________ Am F If your mind seeks so many questions, C G Misery is never gonna stray. Am F Your trail, my thought, C G What an awkward system to be playing on the brain. Am F My make-up, the pillow when I wake up, C G Stains in a way that seems to drown me. Am F It's rude to point but attention's what I want, C G and she told me that I look like David Bowie. C G Am F It's all in my mind now, C G Am F But I can't help thinking why it's oh so quiet. C G Am F When I woke up it was like this, C G Am F What a colourful day I have been welcomed with. In the focus I wanted you to notice, Everything I'm trying to improve. Up early, I'm telling you a story, So look at me when I'm talking to you. A private number, I'm curiously under, The impression that I'm subject to surveilance. So tragic, I'm mixed up in the magic, & everybody's trying to make a difference. It's all in my mind now, But I can't help thinking why you're oh so quiet. When I woke up it was like this, What a colourful day I have been welcomed with. Am F C G You never wanted anything more, Am F C G Yeah you, so clever, wanted everything more. When I woke up it was like this, What a colourful day I have been welcomed with. It's all in my mind, love, But I can't help thinking why it's oh so quiet. Enjoy!! Marshy1991
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