Alanis Morissette – Til You chords

BPM: 62

Bb F Gm EbI've been wasting time clawing my way to you
Cm Dm Bb FTaking no prisoners with my romantic crimes
Bb F Gm Eb EbmI've been holding out imaging glimpses of you
Cm Dm Bb FHolding my breath while you come down the pike
Bb F Gm EbSpinning my wheels round
Cm Dm Bb FI'm here dodging bullets til you
Bb F Gm EbEar to the ground
Cm Dm Bb FI'm here dodging bullets til you
I've been taking notes Nursing the thought of you Research and deliver cuz I'm biding my time I've been holding on this magnet that calls to you Entertaining myself with these consolation prizes (CHORUS) They've been plenty fun But mere peace holders to you They feel the stance card As you form in my mind (CHORUS) Outro: Bb F Gm Eb Cm Dm Bb F
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