Alanis Morissette - Guru chords

BPM: 98

Bb F BbI started young, I was enthralled by your agape
Bb F BbAs a student I kept going colour me captured
Bb F BbDisillusioned enough needed your guidance
Bb F BbAnd so I turned over to you to lead me home
And then I said
Bb F Eb BbGuru teacher, Guruji I bow to you
Bb F EbHumbled by your knowledgeable education
Bb F Eb BbGuruji I bow to the divine in you
Bb F Eb BbPlease consider me your utmost humble student
Bb F BbAnd so I fell under your spell, I was enraptured
Bb F BbYour every word I held onto til it was gospel
Bb F BbYou weren’t deterred from your asserts we’re identical
Bb F BbI will admit I saw your face inside my face
[Chorus] [Souleye Rap] [Verse 3, same chords as above] You had enough of subservience, and so you stopped me. You saw my light seen as your light, gave it back to me. I eventually saw that your jewel was in my pocket. It had been there the whole time throughout my search. And I finally saw... [Chorus] Guru teacher Guruji I bow to you Taken by your knowledgeable education Guruji I bow to the divine in you Thanks for pointing back to my inherent wisdom.
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