Alanis Morissette - Doth I Protest Too Much tab

"Doth I Protest too Much"
by: Alanis Morissette

Here's my first tab, I think it's pretty accurate, even though I did it by ear 
(except at the end of each verse, I added my own little flare).  Any comments, 
email to  Enjoy!
-Kevin Belanger

Standard Tuning
No Capo

Intro and all verses:

Verse 1
I'm not threatened       by every pair of            legs you watch go          by
I don't cringe when     you stare at women      it's just a thing called    guy
I don't notice              your sideways glances  or where your loyalty    lies
I'm secure and            I love me it's                 hard to get a rise

(at the end of the verse right before the chorus, skip the 3h2 part)

Chorus 1 (each chorus follows the same pattern, just different words):
Strum (/ is down and \ is up): //\ \/ /\ \/ (for first 5 lines)
I'm not jealous
I don't get moved by much
I'm not enraged
Not insecure as such
Not going insane
               Am   Em        Strum: Am //\ Em // /\/
Rational stays in touch
       G             Em         D     Strum: G /  / Em / /\ D /
But doth I protest too much

Verse 2
I'm not tortured by how often you're busy,
Cuz I've got things to do
I'm not disappointed by how you don't miss me
Cuz I don't need you too

Chorus 2:
I'm not needy
I don't get clingy much
I am not scared
I'm not afraid as such
I'm not dependent
Rock solid stays in touch
And doth I protest too much

Am                         C
So much energy to prove to you
Am                         C
Who I can possibly be
Am                         C 
So much energy to prove to you I'm not
Am                                 G    D 
Who you hate for me to be

Verse 3
I'm not sad and I don't miss you
Cuz I have moved on too
I'm not concerned about your new lover
Cuz I've got a lover too

I'm not depressed
I don't get down that much
I'm not despondent
I am not dark as such
I'm never sad
Keep chin up stays in touch
And doth I protest too much

I'm not jealous
I don't get moved by much
I'm not enraged
Not insecure as such
Not going insane
Rational stays in touch
But doth I protest too much

End: D, D, D
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