Alarm - Where Were You Hiding When The Storm Broke tab


Written by Eddie Macdonald and Mike Peters
As performed by THE ALARM on the album DECLARATION
Tuning: 1/2 step down

Intro (twice)

E ----------------------------------------|B -3/15-----12P10-------------------------|G ------------------11-9---7-----7--9--7--|D -----------------------------9----------|A ----------------------------------------|E ----------------------------------------|
D/// Em/// Born into a war and peace D/// G D G Forced to choose between a right and wrong D/// Em/// Each man kills a thing he loves D/// G D G For better or for worse Em / / / D Face to face with a ragged truth G A Mixed up and torn in two Em D And turned your back on the only thing G A That could save you from yourself D/// WHERE WERE YOU HIDING G/// WHEN THE STORM BROKE D/// G D G WHEN THE RAIN BEGAN TO FALL Em / / / D WHEN THE THUNDER AND THE LIGHTNING STRUCK G A D C D AND THE RAIN AND THE FOUR WINDS DID HOWL D/// Em/// After all time building up D/// Comes inevitable knocking down G D G (ONE BY ONE) D/// Em/// Come receivers, liars, gamblers D/// Pick pocket entourage G D G (TWO BY TWO) Em / / / D Selling out is a cardinal sin G A Sinning with a safety net (THREE BY THREE) Em D They say that all things come in threes G A Here comes the third degree D (let ring) All cards are marked And all fates will collide > D/// The truth is the truth Or the truth is surely a lie Bm/// A/// Get back in your shelter G D G A/ / // / If you can't come down off the fence Bm/// A/// And one more question G D G Where were you? G / / / Where were you? A D WHERE WERE YOU HIDING G WHEN THE STORM BROKE D WHEN THE RAIN BEGAN TO FALL G D Em WHERE WERE YOU HIDING D G D G FOUR. WINDS. HOWL. D///
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