Albert Hammond Jr – Blue Skies tab

One of the most beautiful songs of one of the best artists deserving more attention.
Enjoy! Johannes

Jaymay - Blue Skies

C  G  dm  am
C  G  C  G

C         G
too attuned
            dm                   am
too in step with the obvious
C         G             C         G
too at ease and strange
C         G                    dm       am            C
so amused and im always jealous of you
       G     C             G
people never change

am              E                 F                       C
nothin but blue skies always on my mind
am             G          C          G
blue skies on my mind
  am                      E      
i promised your blue eyes
     F                  am 
id never be unkind
there will always be
there will always be unkind people

C  G  C  G

now and then
im wishin i never
let you let me disappear
take me off this stage
i dont get it at all
while we're both still here

nothin but blue skies… 

C  G  C  E

F                   G
stars on my left
C                   am
stars on my right
F                    G
you and the moon
C                        am
in the dead of night
F          G                                 C            am
faith brings me back to the place i met you
  F                                       G
i bet you miss me sometimes . . . sometimes

nothin but blue skies…

C  G  dm  am
C  G  C
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