Alex Alspach – Lake Superior Dreaming chords

G A7 Dm[Intro]
G A7 Dm I met you on a dream. We were sitting holding hands, on the shoreline of
G A7lake Superior. We were playing in the sand. We were having such a blast, on
Dmthe shoreline of lake Superior.
Am Fm Am[*Refrain] We gazed at each other, walked to the lake of blue. We said to
Feach other, "Baby, I love you."
G A7 DmI know my heart will break if that dream were destroyed, of that bright
Gsunny day, down at the lake
Am F Am F*
Am Dm FIn my recent dream, you kissed me, then you said, "Love will you marry me?"
A7 DmWhat a dream of that day down at the lake, on the shoreline of lake
A7 Dm A7 GSuperior, on the shoreline of lake Superior, on the shoreline of la, ah,
Dmlake Superior.
G Dm G[Outro]
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