Alex Clare – Love You chords

Alex Clare - I Love You chords
By Nicolas Rapiera
Twitter: @NicolasRapiera
Youtube: @GuerillaSk8

Capo 3rd fret

C - Am - Em
C - Am - G

Verse 1
C Am EmThough I left you there sleeping
C Am GNo I dare not say a word
Gm FSilently whipping
Bb F EKnowing what i heard
C Am EmWhat can I say ?
C Am GI was never good with words
Gm FMy tongue always got it wrong
Bb F EHoping that you knew all along
C Bb F I love you (*4)
Verse 2
C Am EmHell I've done all I can
C Am GHow else can I get this through
Gm FI know you someone else's
Bb F EAnd I'm sure he needs you
C Am EmWhen I'm laying in my bed
C Am GI can say what's on my mind
Gm FLet my actions be my words
Bb F EI'm sure that you heard
C Bb F I love you (*11)
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