Alex Day - The World Is Mine chords version 1

Verse: A, D
Chorus: E, F, G, AďWhy canít you seeĒ: Variations on A
My strings are broken and my heart is out of tune I wanted quiet but all I see is you I donít know anything I stumbled forward and you let me walk away We both know Iíll be running back to you someday I donít know anything The earth is spinning but my feet are standing still And the wind is biting but Iím fighting off the chill I donít know anything So letís pretend for just one minute The world, the world, the world, the world The world is mine but youíre not there They say timeís a healer but my watch canít tell the time The left handís stuck six months ago and I canít find the right I donít know anything The pen is stronger than any sharpened sword But everything I write to you makes me feel like a fool I donít know anything I feel like I can do anything Why donít you understand Why donít you see what I could be Why canít you see Iíd trade in the world for you
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