Alex G – Change chords

F  C  E  Am (4x)

F C E AmHow are you today
F C E AmI saw your friends band play
F C E AmA little show last night
F C E AmIt's not my thing they were alright
F C E AmYou're in my dream last week
F C E AmI'd like to hear what you think
F C E AmWe passed a house driving fast
F C E AmThe sun was shining on the grass
F C E AmYou made me stop and leave the car
F C E AmYou pulled my sleeve but not too hard
F C E Am Remember when you took too much
F C E AmI didn't mind being your crutch
F CWe loved you then
E AmIt's not the same
F C E AmI don't like how things change (8x)
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