Alexi Murdoch - Love You More tab

Love You More
By: Alexi Murdoch
Tab: Nathaniel Noton-Freeman

The entire song is essentially based off of this riff. It can be played with a capo on 
the 4th fret, but frankly I don't think it's hard enough to need one if played on an electric.

Keep in mind that number of the "Oh 1 3"'s are repeated differently in different parts 
of the song.
The second repetition adds two and a "0h 1" and the measure before the chorus has 
several less.

Oh, and the "L" is a tie to the next note.

E |----------------------------|-----------------3----------|B |-----------3--------3L------|--3-----0L----0-----0h-1----|G |--------0--0--------0L------|--0-----0L----0-------------|D |----------------------------|----------------------------|A |--0h-3-----3--------3L------|--3-----0L----0-------------|E |----------------------------|----------------------------|
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