Alexi Murdoch - Only Fear tab

Intro/Most of the song:e|------------------------- ----------------|B|------------------------- ----------000---|G|-----1--------2---------- ------1---111---|D|---2---2----1---1-------- ----2---2-------|A|----------2-------------- ----------------|E|-0-----------------------he also throws in some--0-------------|
(thats the basic pattern but u can play around with it to make it sound good) such as :
e|-------------------|B|-------------------|G|-----1--------2----|D|---2---2----1---1--|A|---------02------2-|E|-0-----------------| * * *play those notes as eigth notes
The chords come in for a portion of the chorus each time. The chords are:
e|-----0----------0--------------0----0-|B|-----0----------0--------------0----0-|G|-----1----------3--------------6----6-|D|-----2----------4--------------7----7-|A|-----2----------4--------------7----7-|E|-----0----------0--------------0----0-| Emaj Emaj13(no 3rd or 7th) Emaj13 (no 7th or 9th)a light strumming pattern is all you need, but the last time he plays it in each chorus only plays the third chord once and then says "keeps us locked in here."
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