Alexisonfire – Grey tab ver. 2

Alexisonfire - Grey
From the "Dog's Blood" EP
Transcribed from the Live Performance at Westend Indoor Festival, Germany

Tuning - Eb Ab Db Gb Bb Eb

NOTES: This is done by ear so it may not be 100% accurate but it's darn close (95%) and 
is the only tab I've seen for it. The chords are just written once for ease of writing. 
Listen to the song to get the rhythm.

Beginning PartEb ---------------|Bb ---------------| (x 4 - both guitars)Gb ---------------|Db -2---5---------|Ab -2---3---------|Eb ---------------|
Verse - Rhythm GuitarEb ----------------|Bb ----------------|Gb ----------------|Db --2-------------|Ab --2---5---10----|Eb ------3/--8-----| (x 8)
Chorus 1 - Rhythm Guitar ..."the city carries on"
Eb --------------|Bb --------------|Gb --------------|Db --------------|Ab --14--12------|Eb --12--10------| ( x 2)
Interlude (Rhythm Guitar)
Eb --------------|Bb --------------|Gb --------------|Db--2--7---------|Ab--2--5--7---10-|Eb--------5---8--| (x 2)
Back to Beginning Part Then Verse Then Chorus Then Interlude Final Part is Beginning Part Again x 4 LEAD GUITAR
Eb ---------------------------------------------------------| (x 2)Bb ---5 5 5 5 8 7 3 5 0 13 12 8 10 5 17 15 12 8 5 3 0 h1p0--|Gb ---------------------------------------------------------|Db ---------------------------------------------------------|Ab ---------------------------------------------------------|Eb ---------------------------------------------------------|
Chorus (not sure about this part - the closet I can get is to pluck the high e string over and over at fret 21) As per ultimate guitar, I did not include the solos here. You can find them under "Grey - Solos". Please comment and email with questions, comments, or concerns: Hope this helps!
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