Alexz Johnson – Worth Waiting For tab

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Worth Waiting For

Some positions for the Intro chords:

E add Bb (I could not find an actual name for this chord, so this will have to work)e-----lb-----lg--3--ld--2--la--2--lE-----l
E add B (same as above... this would actually just be an E, but you can hear the extra B)e-----lb-----lg--4--ld--2--la--2--lE-----l
Intro: E Esus4 EaddBb EaddB A If everything was glowing like a perfect day in summer E You'd never know rain, cuz it was always the same A We need the bitter taste of falling, how to feel it back E To know when it's right, to walk in the light ..... C#m B E A Sometimes you pull me back, back from the edge C#m B E G#m And I, Rescue you, back from the dead C#m B E A We got lost along the way but we got here in the end A [no chords] [back to Intro x2] And I know... he was worth waiting for... he was worth waiting for ........ A Even with my friends I felt like I was just pretending E To know what I want, turn it into a song A Somehow were still standing after all the shattered pain E Has faded away, and now there's only today
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