Alexz Johnson – Dont Pull Off My Wings chords

You got almost every chord wrong, sorry. These are correct:

CYou know I'm fragile
EmYeah, you ought too
CYou tried to hide it
GI see through you
AmYou want some insurance baby
C G But I think you know
AmThat doesn't come with me
F GBaby, let go
Em AmDon't pull off my wings
F CI wanna fly away to better things
EmI want you there too So
Em AmFind where your heart sings
FAnd we'll be free together
C EmFeeling everything, oh, no
FDon't pull off my wings
I've always wondered If those who control Are really most frightened, oooh Deep down in their soul Let's bathe in each moment baby They're just passing by Everyone one of them different Like clouds in the sky CHORUS
F GDon't pull away
CDon't hold back
C F G CBaby, pain is what happens when you resist love
F G C CTrust that with grace, we'll embrace, all that's coming
F DAnd let it keep lifting us up
Em AmI wanna fly
FFly away together
C GSoaring through life
Em AmSo don't be afraid
F Cause I'll be with you baby
GAll of the way
F#m BmDon't pull off my wings
G DI wanna fly away to better things
EmI want you there too so
F#m BmFind where your heart sings
GAnd we'll be free together
F#mFeeling everything
Na na na, na na na,
BmOoh, Na na na, na na na
GNa na na, na na na
D F#mOoh, ooh
GDon't pull off my wings
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