Alice Band - Now That You Love Me tab


Intro: Em, Em7, Em, Em7, D

Em                                           Em7
You couldíve been imagined, you couldíve been something less 
Em                                   Em7   D
I couldíve been waiting, for so long
Em                                                 Em7
Thought everything I wished for, didnít even exist
Em                Em7        D
Fortunately I ended up wrong
            Em7            Csus2        D
Then it took me by surprise to see
            Em7                Csus2    D
All the magic in your eyes for me
                      Em          C             D
Now that you love me, what do I do
                         Em     C                D
I thought I was crazy, waiting for you
                     G         Em         D
Something amazing could be true
                       Em7   Em        Am7      D                   Em7  (Am7, only use this on
I can go where I feel like my dreams, now that you love me      second chorus)

Em                                    Em7
Never wouldíve realised, never wouldíve understood
Em                                     Em7    D
That I ever could begin to feel so good
Em                              Em7 
In any circumstances, Iíd be one filled with doubt
Em                                                Em7                     D
But daydreams do come true and know that now (I know that)
            Em7                Csus2    D
All the sadness in my life, has gone 
         Em7          Csus2           D
I can leave it all behind from now on   (chorus)

Am7             D                     Em7                          D
I donít need anything else, Ďcos you told me the way that you felt

Am7                 D                                        Em7 
I donít want to believe it, is this really my life

G  D  Em7-D-Csus2 -D        Em7- D-    Em7
Yeah              Oh,      itís my life            Yeah

Now thatÖ

I think this is fairly accurate but feel free to correct it, if you find any
mistakes. Iím not too sure about the last bit, but it sounds fine to me. If you
want anymore information, you can e-mail me at
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