Alice Cooper – Killed By Love chords

Aight this is my first tab thought id do somthing easy, 
its a nice song to play and fairly easy aswell although theres not many other tabs 
out there that show the correct time to change chords. 
Enjoy hit us up with comments for improvements

Bb F Ab Eb F# C# F# Ab Verse
Bb F Ab Eb F# I've got more to lose , more to loose than you
C# F# Ab cause i'm the only one in love between us two
Bb F Ab Eb F# I know i"ve been struck from lightning from above
C# cause i've been killed by love
During the rest of the verses put more emphasis on the low notes
Bb F Ab Eb F# I got a longer fall, a longer fall to take
C# F# Ab Cause I'm a bigger fool with a bigger heart to break
Bb F Ab Eb F# You pushed me way to far, a push became a shove
C# And I was killed by love
Pre chourus
Eb F Bb Ab Drop me off in a crowded lonely city
Ab C# Everybody there was crying
Eb F Bb Ab F# Drop me off in a town without pity
C# And let me be the one that's dying
Bb Killed by love
F# Bb Killed by love
C# Bb Killed by love
F# Bb oh by bye love
Solo Chord Progression Eb F# C# Ab I'll try figure out the solo, it sounds simple enough just a scale and some added notes
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